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Thanks for taking the time to complete our assessment. Based on your answers we think that the Béa ICI fertility treatment could help you get pregnant. Below is your personalised guide on getting started with Béa.

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We’ve highlighted some FAQs just for you. Still have questions? You can speak to our Care Team via email 7 days a week.

The Béa Treatment is an Intracervical insemination (ICI) treatment you can do at home using the Béa Applicator. In short, the Béa Applicator works like a tampon applicator, precisely placing the Béa Cervical Cap filled with semen at the cervix. The Cervical Cap is then left in place for up to one hour before it's removed. You can learn more about the Béa Applicator and how it's used here.

Intracervical Insemination (ICI) is a fertility treatment that concentrates semen at the opening of the cervix using a cervical cap (which looks like a menstrual cup). ICI improves the chance of conceiving by encouraging more sperm to travel towards the egg for fertilisation.

ICI was around for many years before IUI and IVF were developed, and there is a lot of clinical data showing the effectiveness of ICI as a fertility treatment. Read our explanation of ICI

Evidence proves ICI has a success rate of up to 50% over 6 cycles.

You can start your treatment today for £249 for a single-cycle treatment (think menstrual cycles) or £499 for a three-cycle bundle.

From the day you hit ‘start’, our Care Team kicks in, guiding you with advice, information and support to help you get the most out of your treatment.

How it works

The treatment includes our clinical-grade ICI kit, group fertility coaching calls and ongoing support

  1. Step 1

    Purchase your Treatment

    Choose a single or three-cycle bundle to get started. Prices start from £249

  2. Step 2

    Support from our care team

    Join one of our group coaching calls to ask any questions. You can also email our Care Team 7 days per week.

  3. Step 3

    Your kit is delivered

    Discreetly delivered, your kit will arrive with everything you need for two rounds of at-home insemination per menstrual cycle.

  4. Step 4

    Extend your Treatment

    You can purchase further treatment cycles for just £149 per cycle after purchasing your first.

Purchasing your treatment

  1. Applicator sent to you to perform at-home ICI
  2. Free delivery around your cycle, one treatment per cycle
  3. Thorough instructions to set you up for success
  4. Regular group coaching calls with our Fertility experts

Choose how many treatment cycles you would like to get started

Each kit delivers everything you need for one round of at-home insemination, to be used during your fertile window.

Included with every treatment

  • Onboarding guide to get you ready for your first cycle.
  • Regular group coaching calls with the Béa Fertility coach.
  • 7-day a week email support throughout the full duration of your treatment.
  • Lifetime access to our Béa Resource Library.
  • You can extend your treatment cycles for £149 per cycle after purchasing your first.
  • Currently we only deliver to the UK only. But we are working on expanding!
  • There are conditions for which it is medically unsafe to perform ICI or use the Béa Applicator. Read the contraindications, and our T&C's before purchasing.


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