Trying to conceive can really take the fun out of sex and it's hard to feel sexy when you're timing intercourse to the day. One great way to get around this is masturbation. Masturbation allows you to reconnect with yourself (and with your partner) sexually. It can also help you to separate pleasure and conceiving, especially if your sexy time has lost its sex appeal.

What’s so great about masturbation?

Aside from the obvious – it's fun – masturbation boasts several health benefits.

  • Improve sleep
    Researchers established that a group of participants reported better sleep quality after masturbation and that masturbation helped them fall asleep faster.

  • Reduce stress
    Oxytocin (a.k.a the love hormone) is released when you orgasm and is known to alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • Reduce cramps
    Having an orgasm causes the muscles in the uterus to contract. This can help blood flow during menstruation, relieving tension and cramps.

How to masturbate

There’s no right or wrong way to masturbate – it's about what feels nice to you. That being said, if your sexy time is taking a hit, why not mix things up and try something new?

  • Set the mood
    This might seem excessive but mood lighting can make a big difference. A scented candle and some music can help you relax.

  • Take your time
    It’s not a race. You might not always achieve an orgasm, just try to find out what feels good.
  • Try different things
    Try warming up with your erogenous zones (ears, necks, breasts) to help you feel aroused or explore your body with your fingers.
  • Toys are your friends
    Sex toys are a great way to explore and increase your pleasure. There is an abundance of sex toys out there that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and vibration settings.

  • Lube up
    Lubricants are often associated with penetrative or partner sex but using lube can reduce friction and heighten pleasure.

Masturbation and fertility

Some believe masturbation can impact your reproductive hormones and contribute to fertility problems – this is not the case.

Masturbation can be an exciting and sexy way to explore your body and desires, making you feel good and it can be a good way to complement your sexual relationship with your partner.

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