Your Fertility Plan

Growing your family?

You need a plan.

We are offering free personalised fertility plans to help guide you
through your journey to growing your family

What they teach us in school doesn’t help. 

We spend our teenage years learning how not to get pregnant. It’s not helpful when, years later, we’re doing everything we can to start our families.

We’re redrawing the map: yours. 

The fertility landscape is confusing, and misinformation is everywhere. Time for a change. We will create a personalised report based on your family and your experiences so far. You can expect advice on the best thing you can do to conceive, an explanation of NHS support available in your local area and guidance on where to find relevant resources to dig deeper.

How this works.

  1. Complete your personal assessment using the form below. In it, we will ask questions about yourself and your journey so far.
  2. One of our fertility experts will compile a personalised report based on your situation, with advice on what you can do to give yourself the best chance of success and to highlight things you should be considering.
  3. Schedule a call with one of the team to discuss your report.
  4. We are testing out this new services, so will follow up with some feedback questions to find about more about your experience and make it better for others in the future.

Ready? Tell us your story.


The slots have all been taken 

Unfortunately, we’re only able to offer a limited number of free reports in the first few weeks. However, we are hoping to scale up the service quickly and we should have more slots available soon. If you want to be the first to know when the next slots are available just send an empty email to

What happens with my data? 

Your data is completely confidential, kept and stored in line with our privacy policy. It will be used by our specialist team to create a plan for you and that plan will be shared with your privately. 

Why are these plans free? 

We’re on a mission to help people start their families, building better access to the science, care and services we all have a right to. To be able to do this well, we want to learn from you. We’re offering free planning reports so that we can connect with you and learn about what you want, what you need, and how we can better support you. 

How can I get in touch?

Drop us a line at