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Introducing the Béa Applicator

The Turkey Baster gets an upgrade

Move over turkey baster.

Yes, you heard it here first. A conception dream. Baster-free bliss. Bye bye baster, hello baby.

Meet the Béa Applicator, an stunning advancement in at-home insemination based on a clinical treatment called Intracervical Insemination – ICI.

We spent 3 years building this treatment so you wouldn't have to contemplate making a baster baby. It's effective (50% over 6 cycles). It's affordable (ok, maybe not as affordable as an actual turkey baster but way cheaper than IVF). It's evidence-based, clinical-grade fertility care, delivered straight to your front door.

Don't use a turkey baster

So what actually is Béa's ICI Treatment?

Much like a baster (but obviously much better), the Béa Applicator helps you deliver semen to the cervix, where it says up there for an extended amount of time.

Béa's ICI treatment has two key parts: The Béa Cervical Cap (think semen delivery), and the Béa Applicator (now think cervical cap delivery). These parts work together to help you do ICI at home.

  1. Béa Cervical Cap held between fingers

    The Béa Cervical Cap

    The Béa Cervical Cap is the most important part of the treatment – it delivers the ‘intracervical insemination’ part of ICI. Béa's Cervical Cap is designed to hold semen at the opening of the cervix to encourage as many sperm as possible to enter the uterus. The Béa Cervical Cap arrives folded and ready to deploy inside the Béa Applicator, and has a removal string too.

  2. Béa Applicator held in a hand

    The Béa Applicator

    The cervix is located at the back of the vaginal canal, and is not easy to reach without a little help. The Béa Applicator works like a tampon applicator, precisely placing the Béa Cervical Cap at the cervix for the highest efficacy. The Béa Applicator comes fitted with a funnel, designed for pouring semen down into the Béa Cervical Cap (folded within the applicator) without spillage.

  3. All the content of the Béa Treatment Kit

    The Béa Treatment Kit

    The Béa Treatment Kit brings it all together. It's a complete treatment experience with 2 Béa Applicators, 2 semen collection containers (to deliver semen into the cap with no intercourse needed, yay!) and a complete digital treatment guide. We are here to support – you can call our medical team for help anytime throughout your treatment.

  1. Applicator sent to you to perform at-home ICI
  2. Free delivery around your cycle, one treatment per cycle
  3. Thorough instructions to set you up for success
  4. Regular group coaching calls with our Fertility experts

Choose how many treatment cycles you would like to get started

Each kit delivers everything you need for one round of at-home insemination, to be used during your fertile window.

Included with every treatment

  • Onboarding guide to get you ready for your first cycle.
  • Regular group coaching calls with the Béa Fertility coach.
  • 7-day a week email support throughout the full duration of your treatment.
  • Lifetime access to our Béa Resource Library.
  • You can extend your treatment cycles for £149 per cycle after purchasing your first.
  • Currently we only deliver to the UK only. But we are working on expanding!
  • There are conditions for which it is medically unsafe to perform ICI or use the Béa Applicator. Read the contraindications, and our T&C's before purchasing.

Does ICI work?

Evidence shows ICI to be up to 50% effective over 6 treatment cycles.

Why ICI? Evidence shows that ICI carries less risk than a clinical fertility treatment called Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), and there are multiple studies proving that ICI gives similar results.

Efficiacy difference between ICI and IUI

Ok sure. But what does using the Béa Applicator feel like?

Meet the Béa Team. The women who built this, if you will. We donated our... bits... to the cause, and tested the Béa Applicator out so we could tell you what it feels like.

“Smooth. Simple. Comfortable. Surprisingly easy. Like using a tampon applicator.”

Baster 2.0 is what happens when a team of smart, passionate people decide to build a fertility treatment that is better than what's out there. That is safer. More effective. Easier to use. Evidence-based. Need we say more?

How to use the Béa ICI treatment in 4 simple steps

  1. Illustration of semen being poured into a Béa Applicator

    Step 1: Semen collection

    Collect a semen sample into the container provided, and pour the semen into the Béa Applicator through the orange funnel. Semen will flow down into the Béa Cervical Cap, which is located inside the Béa Applicator. Remove the funnel.

  2. Illustration of the Béa Applicator being inserted into the body

    Step 2: Insertion

    Lie in a comfortable position and gently insert the Béa Applicator into the vagina. Once inserted, turn the handle to release the Béa Cervical Cap onto the cervix. Withdraw the applicator from the vagina.

  3. Illustration of the Béa Cervical Cap in place at the cervix

    Step 3: Cap position

    The Béa Cervical Cap is now in place! Leave the cap in place for up to one hour. The Béa Cervical Cap works a little like a menstrual cup, so you shouldn't feel anything, and can go about your day as normal.

  4. Illustration of the Béa Cervical cap being removed

    Step 4: Remove cap

    After one hour, remove the Béa Cervical Cap using the removal string hanging outside the body (like a tampon). That's it. ICI done! Go about your day knowing you've given yourself the best chance of conceiving.

Who is ICI not right for?

The Béa Applicator is a Medical Device and there are some situations in which it should not be used:

  • If it is medically unsafe for you to become pregnant
  • If you have vaginal or uterine prolapse
  • If you have had a hysterectomy or loss of both fallopian tubes
  • If you have had colposcopy with biopsy or treatment in the last three months
  • If you have had vaginal/cervical surgery within the last three months
  • If you are currently pregnant
  • If you have a known silicone allergy
  • If you have a known sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  • If you have active vaginal irritations or lesions

Why ICI? Evidence shows that ICI carries less risk than a clinical fertility treatment called Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), and there are multiple studies proving that ICI gives similar results.

We're committed to making sure ICI is right for you.

We are 100% committed to making fertility care safe, effective and affordable for everyone. Our clinical team – led by Béa's Senior Embryologist Sandy Christiansen – is here to help you understand if ICI is right for you.

Start an online consultation today. It's a free, 2-minute survey developed by our clinical team to help you understand if ICI is right for you.

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A demonstration of a cervical cap against the cervix