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Will it hurt when using the Béa Applicator?

It’s natural to have questions or concerns about using a medical device at home – particularly when it involves inserting something through your vagina. It shouldn’t hurt to use the Béa Applicator. Here is some guidance on what to expect when inserting the Applicator, and wearing and removing the cervical cap. 


Using the Béa Applicator

The rounded edges of the Béa Applicator enable easy insertion of the device. You shouldn’t experience any pain when inserting the Béa Applicator or deploying the cervical cap. For more information on how to make the experience smooth, read our articles Using lube with the Béa Applicator and How foreplay can help.


Wearing the cervical cap

Wearing the cervical cap may feel similar to wearing a menstrual cup or using a tampon. You can go about your day as normal until it’s time to take it out, but there are certain activities you should avoid. Read our article Should I rest after using the Béa Applicator? for more information. 


Removing the cervical cap

Removing the cervical cap shouldn’t hurt, but it might be uncomfortable if your vagina is dry. 


If severe pain or irritation is experienced during or after use, remove the cervical cap and seek medical attention.