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Can I use lube with the Béa Applicator?

It is safe to use lube with the Béa Applicator and it can make the process more comfortable. Rather than apply lube on the Applicator, you may want to use your fingers and apply it directly onto and around your genitals for smoother insertion.


However, you should be careful to ensure that the lube is sperm-friendly for the best chances of getting pregnant. It’s important to note that “non-spermicidal” is not the same as “fertility-friendly”. Some lubricants may have ingredients or have a pH that could be harmful to sperm. Ideally, you would want a lube that is pH balanced, that doesn’t contain glycerol and that isn’t scented. Here are a few sperm-friendly lubricants:

  • Conceive plus
    Conceive plus is pH balanced to mimic the cervical mucus. Added calcium and magnesium support sperm viability. 
  • Pre-seed
    Pre-seed is designed to match the pH and consistency of fertile cervical mucus. It is glycerin- and scent-free. 
  • BabyDance
    BabyDance fertility lubricant is the only lubricant that doesn’t contain parabens. Clinical trials have shown it does not interfere with sperm parameters, cervical mucus penetration or embryo development.