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When should I perform the second insemination?

Generally, home insemination is performed once during a menstrual cycle. There are a number of factors that influence this: cost of treatment, access to sperm and scheduling reasons. In some cases, and if you’re able, it can be beneficial to perform the insemination 2 days in a row around ovulation – what we call a double insemination.  


A double insemination increases the amount of available sperm for fertilisation by increasing the frequency of insemination. For best results, the first insemination should be performed once you have a positive ovulation test result. We suggest using the second Béa Applicator 18–36 hours later, or at a convenient time the next day. 


If you aren’t able to perform the second insemination on the next day, you should save the second Béa Applicator for the following cycle, as you might miss the window where an egg can be fertilised.