If you have purchased a Béa Treatment in the past (whether for 1-cycle or 3-cycles) and have now used all of your available Treatment Kits. To make continuing easier, we've added the option to extend your treatment with us, one month at a time. This gives you the option to purchase a single-cycle "top-up" kit for a discounted rate of £149 per kit.


Why is it discounted?

When you originally bought your 1 or 3 cycles of treatment, the price you paid also gave you access to our support library, the Béa App and our dedicated support team, You've already paid, so we're not going to ask you to pay for these again. That's why we've made our top-up kits cheaper so that you're not paying twice!


How to order a top-up kit?

You can order top-up kits in the Your Béa Treatment section of your Béa account. There, you can also request your next kit to be shipped and provide any updates to the shipping address if required.

Just follow these steps to purchase top-up kits:

  1. Navigate to your Béa account.
      • If it’s your first time accessing the Béa account, you might have to complete some basic profile information first.
  2. Click on Profile.
  3. Click on Your Béa Treatment.
  4. Click on Buy Another Kit - £149.
  5. Answer the five questions and then click Submit.
  6. Re-enter your card details when prompted and click Pay.

You should now see your Béa Treatment details! Please note that you can only access it through your browser on mobile or desktop.


If you haven’t accessed your Béa account in the past, or if you have forgotten your password, email support@beafertility.com, and we'll send over the instructions on how to set up your account.