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My periods are irregular – will the Béa Treatment Kit work for me?

Irregular periods can be common but confusing!


Irregular periods are when the length of your menstrual cycle (the gap between your periods starting) keeps changing, meaning they could be coming early or late. This is normal when you’re going through puberty, but once the menstrual cycle is more established it is thought to be irregular if:

  • A cycle is shorter than 21 days or longer than 35 days
  • You have fewer than 8 cycles per year 
  • You have a cycle longer than 90 days

If your menstrual cycle changes, so can your ovulation – which can make trying to conceive hard! Ovulation predictor kits can be helpful when trying to identify when ovulation occurs, however, with irregular periods, particularly those that are longer, you will probably have to do more testing month to month. If you know that you’re ovulating, then the Béa Treatment could be a good treatment option. The Béa Applicator needs to be used around the time of ovulation for the best chances of getting pregnant. You should use the ovulation tests that you know and trust to track your cycle. In general, you should start ovulation testing 17 days before your next period is due and continue taking them until you have a positive reading. With irregular periods, it can be difficult to gauge when to start ovulation testing. Check the shortest cycle you've had in the past 6 months and base your testing on that cycle length! 

If you’re not able to detect ovulation during multiple menstrual cycles, then you might want to visit your GP who can get you checked out. There might not be anything wrong, but it’s a good idea to see if they can determine a cause of your irregular cycles. You might be referred to a specialist called a gynaecologist if you need any tests or treatment.


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