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Fertility Fundamentals

An introduction to fertility for those thinking about trying to conceive.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Fertility

Talking to a GP about fertility can be difficult. However your GP is there to help and support you. Here we discuss how to get the most out of your consultation.

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Fertility and Contraception Use

Many women worry about the effect of contraception on their future fertility. However studies show that fertility returns to normal after a short delay once contraception is stopped. Here we discuss the different types of contraception and when to visit your GP if things haven’t returned to normal. 

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Irregular Periods

Your period can be an important indicator of your overall health. However it’s sometimes hard to know when you should visit a doctor about your period. Here we talk about what an ‘irregular period’ is and when and how to speak to your doctor about it. 

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How Long Does it Take to Become Pregnant?

Most people want to know how long it will take them to get pregnant. Although we do know how long it takes on average for a person or couple, it is impossible to tell how long it will take you to get pregnant, because each person is unique. In this article we discuss the average time to conceive and when you should consider speaking with your doctor about fertility.

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How and Why to Track Ovulation When Trying to Conceive

Guidelines recommend couples have sex every 2 – 3 days to make sure that sex occurs around ovulation. However we understand this can be impractical and difficult to achieve. Ovulation tracking can help you determine when you ovulate, which is essential in conceiving. You may wish to track ovulation to know when the best time in your cycle is for intercourse and plan it accordingly.

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How to Optimise Your Preconception Health

If you’re thinking about trying for a baby there are a number things you can do to optimise your chances of success. This guide will explain why preconception health is important and explore the various factors you may want to look into when trying to conceive. 

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