IUI (intrauterine insemination)

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IUI, or artificial insemination, is a method of assisted conception which can be performed in the natural menstrual cycle or in a medicated cycle. The aim of IUI is to place the sperm directly in the uterus, bringing the sperm closer to the eggs and bypassing the cervical mucus.

In a natural cycle you may use OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) as they detect the hormone levels that trigger ovulation. The insemination procedure would be planned after a positive OPK test.

A medicated cycle would require daily injections and you would have to attend the clinic for monitoring ultrasound scans in order to establish that your ovaries are responding well to the medication – but also to make sure that not too many follicles are growing (to reduce the risk of multiples in pregnancy). A trigger injection would be given to help the eggs mature and be released from the ovary, and the procedure would be scheduled accordingly. 

On the day of the IUI the sperm sample would be prepared. Either the male would provide a fresh sample at the clinic, a frozen sperm sample could be thawed or donor sperm could be thawed. The sperm gets washed and concentrated and then inserted into your uterus with the help of a catheter through your cervix. The sperm then have the chance to swim up the fallopian tubes to attempt to fertilise the egg. You may take luteal support, in the form of progesterone, after the procedure in order to assist implantation.

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