IVF (in-vitro insemination)

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IVF involves a hormone stimulation with daily injections to encourage your ovaries to produce multiple eggs. The response of the medication would be monitored with ultrasound scan appointments at your fertility clinic. Once multiple follicles in your ovaries have reached a good size, you would take the trigger injection and be scheduled for egg collection. The egg collection procedure takes place under sedation and eggs are aspirated from the follicles in your ovaries.

Either a fresh sample is provided at the clinic during the egg collection or a frozen sperm sample (partner or donor) could be thawed after the laboratory confirms that eggs have been collected. The eggs are fertilised with the sperm sample either with conventional IVF, where sperm are allowed to swim and attempt to fertilise the eggs, or with ICSI (intracytoplasmic injection) where sperm are injected individually into any mature eggs.

The fertilised eggs, known as embryos, are cultured in the laboratory until a suitable day for embryo transfer. The transfer procedure will most often require a full bladder, as it enables the doctor to gain easier access to the uterus. A soft catheter, which will contain the embryo, is placed through the cervix and the embryo is inserted into the uterus. Sometimes this can be visualised with the help of an abdominal ultrasound. 

After each of the above interventions, your doctor will discuss when it’s suitable to take a pregnancy test, which could be a urine test at home or a blood test at your surgery or fertility clinic.

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