QA Treatment Kit

3 Cycles for £1

We get it, T&Cs are not exciting. But they do matter, and we want to make sure you know the important stuff. The full Terms & Conditions are here, and below are the main terms you should know for the Treatment you're buying with us.

Research Edition Treatment Kit Terms

  • You agree to participate in the research.
  • You agree to complete your 'Onboarding Survey', and let us know your pregnancy test result at the end of each treatment cycle.

Standard Béa Terms

  • Your first Béa Treatment Kit will ship out on the 26th of June.
  • We can only ship to England, Wales and Scotland for now.
  • We will ship your next Treatment Kit once you let us know (via your Béa App) that your previous cycle has ended.
  • If you conceive before the end of your 3-cycle treatment, we won't ship you any new Treatment Kits.
  • You've got 14 days to change your mind. After that, we won't refund unused Treatment Kits.

Please agree to the terms and conditions before continuing