Great news! Based on your consultation results We think the Béa Treatment could help you and your partner get pregnant.

In this report we'll run you through your answers in this order:

  1. Is the Béa Treatment safe for you to use?
  2. What is the Béa Treatment Kit?
  3. Your male (sperm) health results
  4. Your female health results
  5. Your menstrual cycle

This report is designed to tell you a bit more about the Béa Treatment and how each step connects to your own fertility and family building journey. If you have any questions, we're here to help, just email the Béa Care Team anytime.

1. Is The Béa Treatment safe for you to use?

Based on your consultation result:

Yes. The Béa Treatment is safe for you to use.

At the start of the consultation we ran through all of the conditions for which ICI might be unsafe. You answered no to all of them.

If you are curious you can check the full list of contraindications.

2. What is the Béa Treatment?

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3. Your Male (Sperm) Health Results

Learn about Sperm Health

3. Your Female Health Results

Email the Béa Care Team

4. Your Menstrual Cycle

We asked you some questions about the length and timing of your menstrual cycle.

Your consultation results did not flag anything unusual based on the information you provided about your menstrual cycle.

Every Béa Treatment Kit comes with two Béa Applicators to be used one day after the other during ovulation. This maximises your chance of success.

If you are familiar with tracking your ovulation using ovulation tests, then it will be no different with the Béa Treatment.

If it is new to you then the Béa Care Team have put together some recommended reading:

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The Béa Treatment Kit: First Edition

The Béa Treatment Kit: First Edition

Regular price £700.00 Sale price £350.00 Save £350

1 Béa Treatment Kit includes everything you need to complete one full ICI treatment at home:

  • 2x Béa applicators
  • 2x semen collection containers
  • Your personalised treatment plan
  • The Béa Digital treatment app

You will receive 3 Béa Treatment Kits in total.

    3 Cycles

    for  £350.00 £700.00

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