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What is the Béa Treatment?

The Béa Fertility Treatment Kit revolutionises a fertility treatment from the 70's called Intracervical Insemination – ICI. ICI is a proven, clinical-grade fertility treatment that can help you conceive.

The Béa Cervical Cap

The Béa Cervical Cap is the most important part of the treatment – it delivers the 'intracervical insemination' part of ICI. Béa's Cervical Cap is designed to hold semen at the opening of the cervix to encourage as many sperm cells as possible to enter the uterus. The Béa Cervical Cap arrives folded and ready to deploy inside the Béa Applicator, and has a handy removal string, much like a tampon string

The Béa Applicator

The cervix is located at the back of the vaginal canal, and is not easy to reach without a little help. The Béa Applicator works like a tampon applicator, precisely placing the Béa Cervical Cap at the cervix for the highest efficacy. The Béa Applicator comes fitted with a funnel, designed for pouring semen down into the Béa Cervical Cap (folded within the applicator) without spillage.

Design to be used at home

No hormone injections. No clinical visits. No complicated medical procedures. Béa's ICI is design to be used from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

No more ‘timed sex'.

There are lots of reasons people can't or don't want to have intercourse to conceive. Béa's ICI is a simple alternative that doesn't require you to have intercourse to get pregnant.

No more waiting.

No waitlists. Fast shipping. Treatment delivered to your door. Wherever you are in your fertility journey, ICI can help you conceive right where you are: at home.

Is the Béa Applicator safe for you? Yes.

The Béa Applicator is our custom made medical device, designed to help you perform Intracervical Insemination (ICI) at-home.

There are a few situations in which it is not safe for people to use. You answered no to all of those questions, so we think it is safe for you.

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