Research Edition Landing Page (from V2 Suitability Assessment)

🎉 Congratulations - we think the Béa Treatment is right for you!

We believe you have the best chance of conceiving using the Béa Treatment and invite you to take part in our heavily discounted early access launch. Introducing:

£250 Research Edition Béa Treatment (Usual price £700)

We're launching a study to better understand early-stage ICI treatment programmes using fresh sperm

Your purchase of the Research Edition Béa Treatment will contribute to science, helping us understand the efficacy rates for at-home intracervical insemination treatments using fresh sperm. We intend to publish our findings when the study concludes and use your valuable feedback to help us improve our support services for future people trying to conceive.

The Research Edition Béa Treatment - £250 (usually £700)

What do you receive?

✅ Up to 3 x cycles of treatment over 6 months

✅ Up to 3 x Béa Treatment Kits over 6 months

✅ A bespoke digital treatment plan and guided digital support via the Béa Treatment App

✅ Expert support delivered by the Béa Clinical Care Team