Unexplained infertility doesn't feel like a real diagnosis. But here's a real treatment that can help

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Unexplained infertility is a frustrating diagnosis - but accessing treatment shouldn't have to be

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How does the Béa kit actually work?

Finally. An at-home insemination kit based on peer reviewed research, developed through 3 years of R&D, to perform ICI, a highly effective, well-established fertility treatment with up to 50% efficacy over 6 cycles.

Image of a container of semen being poured into an orange funnel and down the applicator
Step 1

Pour semen into applicator through the orange funnel

Image of the orange funnel being removed from the applicator
Step 2

Remove the orange funnel, this is no longer needed

A pair of hands are inserting the applicator towards the cervix (cervix now shown but insinuated)
3 Step

Insert the applicator to place the cervical cap (and sperm) onto the cervix, then withdraw the applicator, leaving the cap in place.

Step 4

Leave in place for 1 hour, then pull out with the handy string

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All of the Béa team have been incredibly supportive and communication with them has been a breeze.

41 years old

This journey has been an emotional one for me, and everyone I've interacted with at Béa has shown genuine empathy, sensitivity, and promptness in answering my questions.

34 years old

Despite dealing with a serious topic, they have a remarkable ability to lighten the mood.

32 years old

Benefits of using Béa, our evidence-based, clinically-developed artificial insemination kit at home.

Right here, right now

Have you been told to 'keep trying another year'? Not with us. Instant access to fertility treatment without being on a waitlist

Hormone-free Fertility care

Not ready for IVF and all of the syringes? The Béa Treatment does not require any hormone medication.

Clinical treatment not right for you?

Some of our customers want to try other options before invasive clinical procedures.

Additional support and guidance

Your Béa Treatment Program is led and supported 7 days a week, by experts and clinicians on the Béa Care Team. When you're with us, you're not alone.


Bye bye timed intercourse. Hello evidence-based, clinically-developed home insemination

The Béa treatment kit Another year of timed intercourse IVF
Clinical Grade Home Insemination Kit
Easy to perform at home
Increases semen exposure to the cervix
Cervical cap that prevents semen backflow
Supported by Doctors and Fertility Experts
Instant access

*(Instant access=IVF) Expect to wait 1 year for the NHS referral to IVF in addition to current wait times in your local area*

How does it work?

A simple process, that can be performed where you feel more comfortable, your home!

Unexplained infertility leaves you with more questions than answers & it can feel like no one is listening. We hear you.

Take our consultation to learn more about unexplained infertility and see if we can help you find some answers.


Will Béa help me get pregnant with unexplained infertility?

Yes - the Béa Treatment can help you get pregnant with unexplained infertility. The Béa Applicator places our custom cervical cap against the cervix, holding semen in place for up to one hour. It increases the exposure to the cervical mucus, minimises the contact of semen in the vagina (where the pH can reduce sperm quality) and reduces semen backflow.

Can the Béa Applicator help me get pregnant naturally with unexplained infertility?

Yes! You don't need to take any hormones to use the Béa Treatment. Use the Béa Applicator in around the time of ovulation during your natural menstrual cycle. It is a great option when you're trying to conceive (TTC) with unexplained infertility.

What are common causes of unexplained infertility?

The diagnosis of unexplained infertility is given if the standard fertility investigations come back normal. However, researchers are continuously studying how our bodies work and what other underlying conditions may contribute to infertility. This may include thyroid issues, diabetes, reduced egg quality or DNA damage in sperm. Other functional aspects include timing and frequency of sex as well.

How do you treat unexplained infertility?

Without knowing the cause of fertility problems - it's hard to know what you should be treating. GPs should provide expectant management, which involves information and advice about the regularity and timing of intercourse and any lifestyle changes which might improve their chances of conceiving. WE've got our top tips here:

Lifestyle changes. Nutrition and exercise can have a big impact on your fertility profile. Eating a balanced diet when trying to conceive provides your body with enough energy and healthy vitamins and minerals to thrive. Exercise and movement improves fertility by reducing inflammation, optimising circulation of sex hormones and improving immune function.

Medical options. Some medicines can help reset your menstrual cycle, balance your thyroid hormones or lower your insulin levels which can all contribute to better ovulation.

Try the Béa Treatment.

Is the Béa Applicator easy to use?

Yes! One of the things we hear most from our users is how easy their insemination kit has been to use. The Béa Applicator makes it very easy to perform diy insemination at home, and is specially designed to help you place semen onto the cervix.

How do I use the Bea Treatment kit?

The Bea treatment kit is an easy to use and affordable self insemination kit. The kit includes instructions for use, two semen collection pots and two Béa Applicators that help get the cervical cap in place. Here's a breakdown of using the kit at home:

  • Track ovulation
  • Use the applicator when you have a positive ovulation test
  • Use the second applicator on the following day
  • Test for pregnancy