The Béa Treatment Kit: First Edition

The Béa Treatment Kit: First Edition

3 Cycles

for  £350.00 £700.00

1 Béa Treatment Kit includes everything you need to complete one full ICI treatment at home:

  • 2x Béa applicators
  • 2x semen collection containers
  • Your personalised treatment plan
  • The Béa Digital treatment app

You will receive 3 Béa Treatment Kits in total.

    • Free Shipping
    • Discreet packaging
    • Timed shipping: each new kit is shipped at the beginning of each treatment cycle, so you don't need to worry about storing kits at home.

    What's in the kit?

    Simple, modern fertility care, built around you.

    Each Béa Treatment Kit is designed to deliver everything you need to do a complete ICI treatment cycle in the comfort of your own home.

    Two Béa Applicators

    Optimised for success

    Each Treatment Kit contains 2 Béa Applicators. Designed for use on consecutive ovulation days, this is a technique called double insemination that is proven to enhance your chance of success.

    Two Semen Containers

    Mess-free, inclusive fertility care

    Finally, inclusive, safe, easy fertility treatment has arrived with 2 semen Collection Containers designed to allow easy collection of semen from a partner or sperm donor without intercourse, mess, or stress.

    Your Personal Treatment Plan

    Personalised treatment

    Kickstart your ICI treatment with a personalised Fertility Treatment Plan, written uniquely for you by Béa's expert clinical team, with tips and insight designed to help you build the family you want.

    The Béa Digital Treatment App

    Support at your fingertips

    The Béa Care Team is here to support you every step of your journey. Access the Béa Fertility Library, the Béa Care Team, your Fertility Treatment Plan and discover how to use your Béa Treatment Kit with the Béa App.


    When it comes to conceiving, cumulative efficacy is key: the more treatment cycles you try, the higher your chances of success.

    With this research study, we're trying to better understand the impact of doing 3 full treatment cycles on people's chance of conceiving.

    Don't worry – we'll ship you a new treatment kit at the beginning of your new menstrual cycle, and only when you tell us to (using the Béa App), so you don't need to store any kits at home.

    The standard Béa Treatment Experience costs £700 for 3 treatment kits. For our early adopters, we are selling a 3-cycle treatment program for only £350, a 65% discount from Béa to say thank you for being one of our first families to try the Béa Treatment.

    Peer reviewed research at our core

    ICI is pre-existing fertility treatment, with significant evidence proving it's efficacy. Indeed, evidence shows that ICI provides similar results to IUI, and carries less risk than IUI.Dive into the groundbreaking research that the Béa Treatment was built on:

    Fertility care, delivered to your door

    Béa is fertility care we can afford, fertility care we can access without traveling miles and undergoing medical procedures. Béa is fertility care that puts us in control of our pathway to parenthood, for the good of the family we are building.

    Discreet, free, 24-hour shipping

    Less than 1/10th the cost of IVF

    Clinician-led support on demand.

    Similar result and lower risk than IUI

    Every fertility journey is different, and you should decide what is best for yours.

    Your safety and experience using the Béa Treatment is our number one priority. There are conditions for which it is medically unsafe to perform ICI or use the Béa Applicator. Read the contraindications, and if you are unsure, email the Béa Care Team.
    Got questions? We're here to help.

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