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The Béa Treatment and
Unexplained Infertility

Does the Béa Treatment work with unexplained infertility?

Yes - it does!

The Béa Treatment could be a good treatment option for unexplained infertility. The Béa Applicator places our custom cervical cap against the cervix, holding semen in place for up to one hour. It increases the exposure to the cervical mucus, minimises the contact of semen in the vagina (where the pH can reduce sperm quality) and reduces semen backflow.

Reasons why people try ICI with Unexplained Infertility

  • Right here, right now.

    Have you been told to “keep trying another year”? Not with us. Instant access to fertility treatment without being on a waitlist.

  • Not ready for clinical treatment

    Some of our customers want to try other options before invasive clinical procedures.

  • Additional support

    We know that unexplained infertility is a frustrating ‘diagnosis’. We're here to help.

What is unexplained infertility?

Unexplained infertility is a frustrating diagnosis, where no cause of infertility can be identified. Itaffects roughly 1 in 4 couples. An unexplained infertility diagnosis is only given once fertility investigations are completed and show that ovulation is happening, the fallopian tubes are open and the semen analysis is normal.

What does that really mean?

What can you do to find out more?

You've had the standard investigations, so what about additional tests? Are there other tests out there? Yes. Are they accessible and affordable? Not quite.

What are your options?

What can you do about unexplained infertility?

Where there is no known cause for infertility, NICE guidelines state that expectant management can increase the cumulative chances of successful conception. Expectant management should involve information and advice about the regularity and timing of intercourse and any lifestyle changes which might improve their chances of conceiving.

Our advice is focussed on:

  1. Lifestyle changes
  2. Medical Options
  3. Looking at the Béa Treatment
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