Hello everyone,

It’s a pretty exciting week here at Béa – the efficacy data from our Research Edition group of users is finally here... 🥁

39.28% pregnancy rate over 3 Béa Treatment cycles

Here’s a deeper dive into the data: 

  • 56 users participated in the Research Edition study. 
  • All users completed up to 3 treatment cycles with their Béa Treatment Kits.
  • 22 pregnancies were reported. 

Here’s what we can tell you about those 56 users: 

  • Average age of the carrier: 37.6
  • Percentage of females with gynaecological conditions (endometriosis, PCOS, etc.): 42.9%
  • Percentage of males with semen abnormalities: 30.4%
  • Percentage of users who have been TTC for more than 12 months: 60.0%
  • Percentage of users who have tried IVF or IUI prior to Béa Treatment: 9.1%

We feel strongly about being transparent and clear in how we report our pregnancy rate, and we commit to updating this efficacy data and sharing it with you every time we get new information from new users. 

This efficacy data we have here is really encouraging, and we will always champion realistic and responsible marketing for this technology. And so it feels important to state one thing very clearly: ICI will not work for everyone. Our commitment to you is to be realistic and transparent, and support every single family as they navigate their journey after Béa. There are no guarantees in fertility, and many of us on this journey will need IVF. Béa is not – and will never be – the only treatment for many. It is just the first step. 

We built Béa with the belief that we all deserved safer, simpler, more affordable fertility treatment options – that crucial first step. As I sit here reflecting on what this 39% means, the feeling I feel most right now is a deep sense of pride. I am proud of my team, who pour their hearts into their jobs and care more than anyone I know. I am proud of our first users, who gave us their trust, and kept giving it even though we weren’t always perfect in the early days. I’m proud of the change we’re driving in the fertility industry. ICI works. It needs to be brought back into the fertility treatment pathway, and I couldn’t be prouder to be leading the change we all so deeply deserve.

Here's to every single one of those 56 first Béa users who trusted us with their journey - my deepest gratitude to you all. 

Béa Co-founder and CEO

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