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A modern take on old tech, Béa delivers an ICI treatment that meets you where you're most comfortable. At home.

The Béa Treatment is an intracervical insemination (ICI) based treatment designed by embryologists, and backed by science.

Evidence shows ICI to be up to 50% effective over 6 treatment cycles. It is recognised by the NHS, and certified by UKCA. Read more about the research and efficacy in the NICE guidelines here.

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Backed by research. Recognised by the NHS. Talked about by everyone.

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What is it?

At-home insemination treatment combined with expert-led support

  1. 1. Free Assessment

    Take our simple online assessment to see if Béa is the right fit for you, you'll receive your results and recommendations instantly.

  2. 2. At-home Fertility Treatment kit

    Our ICI Treatment kit is used during your cycle, over two consecutive days, to increase your chances of conceiving.

  3. 3. Support from our care team

    Continuous support through your treatment, available 7 days a week via email and regular group coaching calls

Why choose Béa?

We take the stress out of trying to conceive.

  • Hormone-free, no needles, and no clinics.

  • 6 x cheaper than the cost of IUI in fertility clinics

  • Get support, 7-days a week from our Fertility experts

  • No wait lists or multiple appointments

Hear from our Béa families

  1. ★★★★★

    The team behind béa is caring, knowledgable and trustworthy. Also, the instructions that come with the device are super clear and helped me a lot.

    Verified Customer

    Female, 38, TTC 1-2 Years

  2. ★★★★★

    We got pregnant the first time using the kit! I can't believe it! If anyone has been TTC I would highly recommend Béa, they really care about your journey and I really felt supported by them. I'm grateful I came across Béa Fertility, and I am so happy that we can finally make our family complete.

    Verified Customer

    Female, 36, TTC 1-2 Years

  3. ★★★★★

    Using the Béa applicator was easier than expected. The instructions were super clear and everything you needed was included

    Verified Customer

    Female, 33, TTC 2+ Years

  4. ★★★★★

    Despite dealing with a serious topic, they have a remarkable ability to lighten the mood. The service they provide is truly top-class!

    Verified Customer

    Female, 37, TTC less than 6 months

Guiding you on your journey

Choosing a fertility treatment is a big decision.We're here to help you get it right.

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Get 6x cycles of fertility treatment with Béa for less than the cost of 1 cycle of IUI in a clinic

The Béa TreatmentFertility clinics
Intracervical insemination
Intruterine insemination
In vitro fertilisation
Recognised by the NHS
Hormone free
Accessible at home
7 day a week expert support
Non-invasive procedure
No waiting lists

14-day money-back guarantee: Full refund within 14 days of receiving your first kit, if you are unsatisfied with your experience, provided it remains unopened

Start with our online assessment & receive your results instantly

Your safety and experience using the Béa Treatment is our number one priority. We recommend the online assessment so we can make sure Béa is right for you. Whatever the result, we are here to support your choice either way.

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You'll receive expert care & support throughout treatment

Whilst in our care, you can contact our Béa Care Team and Fertility Experts 7-days a week via email, or join our regular group coaching calls. The Béa Care Team designed the treatment programme and are here to help set you up for success.

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A real treatment you can use at-home, no needles, no wait lists!

We put you back in control, shipping out your Treatment Kit once per menstrual cycle. Your Kit comes with everything you need to perform one cycle of ICI from the comfort of your home.

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Still got questions?

Yes, you can-via our ‘buy your kit’ page. We do recommend you complete an assessment to make sure Béa is right for you and your journey.
The Béa Treatment is an Intracervical insemination (ICI) treatment you can do at home using the Béa Applicator. In short, the Béa Applicator works like a tampon applicator, precisely placing the Béa Cervical Cap filled with semen at the cervix. The Cervical Cap is then left in place for up to one hour before it's removed. You can learn more about the Béa Applicator and how it's used here.
The Béa Applicator is a Medical Device intended to be used for doing Intracervical (ICI) Insemination at home. There are a few situations in which you should not use the Béa Applicator, such as vaginal prolapse, hysterectomy, loss of both fallopian tubes, and other conditions.
Evidence proves ICI has a success rate of up to 50% over 6 cycles.
Having male factor infertility can make it more difficult to conceive, however, pregnancies still occur. The Béa Treatment Kit could be a good treatment option for mild male factor infertility as it works by placing our custom cervical cap against the cervix, holding semen in place for up to one hour. The cervical cap can be beneficial in cases of low sperm count, low motility and low morphology, as the semen is concentrated near the cervix.
The Béa Treatment could be a good treatment option if you have mild endometriosis. The main factor is whether or not you know that you are ovulating as the Béa Applicator needs to be used around the time of ovulation for the best chances of getting pregnant. The Béa Applicator places our custom cervical cap against the cervix, holding semen in place for up to one hour.
At the moment as the Béa Applicator is a medical device currently only cleared to be sold within England, Wales and Scotland under the UK Medical Device regulations. We are looking into options to try and get into different markets soon.

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