A safe, affordable fertility treatment designed for modern families.

The Béa Treatment is the first of its kind, redefining the fertility care experience with personalised, affordable at-home fertility care that meets you where you are: at home.

Designed for comfort, at home

The Béa cervical cap

The Béa Cervical Cap is the most important part of the treatment – it delivers the 'intracervical insemination' part of ICI. Béa's Cervical Cap is designed to hold semen at the opening of the cervix to encourage as many sperm cells as possible to enter the uterus. The Béa Cervical Cap arrives folded and ready to deploy inside the Béa Applicator, and has a handy removal string, much like a tampon string

The Béa applicator

The cervix is located at the back of the vaginal canal, and is not easy to reach without a little help. The Béa Applicator works like a tampon applicator, precisely placing the Béa Cervical Cap at the cervix for the highest efficacy. The Béa Applicator comes fitted with a funnel, designed for pouring semen down into the Béa Cervical Cap (folded within the applicator) without spillage.

How does a treatment cycle work?

Starting a treatment cycle

You will start your treatment cycle by testing for ovulation. At this phase of your treatment we are looking for the hormone surge that indicates you are at your most fertile. This generally takes 14 days from the last day of your period.

The treatment phase

Once you get a positive ovulation test result, it's time to use the Béa Applicator. In each treatment kit you receive two Béa Applicators, to use one day after the other. Evidence shows that this can improve efficacy in fertility treatments.

Ending a treatment cycle

After the treatment phase, it's time to wait before you can start testing for pregnancy. You can start testing around when you are due to start your period. Use a pregnancy test of your choice, or check out our recommendations in the Béa Library.

ICI in 4 simple steps with the Béa Applicator and Cervical Cap

Step 1: Semen collection

Collect a semen sample into the container provided, and pour the semen into the Béa Applicator through the orange funnel. Semen will flow down into the Béa Cervical Cap, which is located inside the Béa Applicator. Remove the funnel.

Step 2: Insertion

Lie in a comfortable position and gently insert the Béa Applicator into the vagina. Once inserted, turn the handle to release the Béa Cervical Cap onto the cervix. Withdraw the applicator from the vagina.

Step 3: Cap position

The Béa Cervical Cap is now in place! Leave the cap in place for up to one hour. The Béa Cervical Cap works a little like a menstrual cup, so you shouldn't feel anything, and can go about your day as normal.

Step 4: Remove cap

After one hour, remove the Béa Cervical Cap using the removal string hanging outside the body (like a tampon). That's it. ICI done! Go about your day knowing you've given yourself the best chance of conceiving.

We are with you every step of the way

The support doesn’t stop after your cycle...

The fertility library

Our Fertility Library is open 24-7, filled with articles written by the Béa Care Team, where you can find answers to your questions about fertility care, your personal fertility or the Béa Treatment.

Béa treatment portal

A daily companion and guide throughout your fertility treatment, with content and advice developed by our experts, and live support delivered by the Béa Care Team.

The care team

The Béa Care Team led by award-winning Fertility Coach, Sandy, is here to support you every step of your family building journey. We're always here for you, just ask.

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What does using the Béa Applicator feel like?

Meet the Béa Team. The women who built this, if you will. We tested the Béa Applicator out so we could tell you what it feels like.

"Smooth. Simple. Comfortable. Surprisingly easy. Like using a tampon applicator."

The Béa Applicator is what happens when a team of smart, passionate people decide to build a fertility treatment that is better than what's out there. That is safer. More effective. Easier to use. Evidence-based. Need we say more?

What if ICI is not right for me?

The Béa Applicator is a Medical Device intended to be used for doing Intracervical (ICI) Insemination at home. There are a few situations in which you should not use the Béa Applicator, such as vaginal prolapse, hysterectomy, loss of both fallopian tubes, and other conditions.

Questions or concerns? Our online assessment will tell you if the Béa Treatment is right for you and your family.

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Our Treatment Kit includes everything you need to complete one full ICI treatment at home.

It brings clinical-grade fertility care into the home, creating a ground-breaking – and affordable – new step in the fertility care pathway based on a simple, highly effective fertility treatment known as Intracervical Insemination (ICI).

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