A note from our CEO, Tess Cosad: 

Hello everyone!

Before we go into this one, a quick content warning – this blog contains babies (well, not literally). But there is talk of babies, and a photograph of a Béaby. So if this isn’t what you need to see right now, we feel you… ignore this one from us.

The day has finally come. OUR VERY FIRST BÉABY HAS ARRIVED!! 🎉 🐣 She is absolutely perfect, we’re totally obsessed and so completely over the moon for her incredible parents, who were some of the very first people to use a Béa Treatment Kit. 

I have always said that building Béa would all be worth it if we made just one baby, just one. And well, here she is. And boy, does it all feel worth it. Her dad took this gorgeous photo, and said we could share it with you all. In time, we’ll tell you their story too. I promise, it’s a great one. 

All the good vibes to you all, 

make sure your team know without them she wouldn’t be here with out. Isabella would say thanks herself but she’s totally milk drunk!”

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