Having fertility troubles can be exhausting and it's often difficult to put on a brave face at work.

Fertility can be hard to discuss at work

When you start trying to conceive, most people (understandably) want to get pregnant as soon as possible – but it doesn't always work out that way. It’s hard to open up about something so personal with friends and family, let alone your boss. This can be attributed to numerous factors or just a bad case of stiff upper lip British-ness to embarrassment.

Many people want privacy during this time – to avoid the stigma around fertility problems – while others worry that their boss will not be understanding or that taking time off for treatments could affect their career prospects. So, what can you do?

Talk to HR

You don't need to discuss personal details, just tell them what feels comfortable. Check if your work has a fertility policy (you'd be surprised how many do) and see if you can take time off for tests and treatments.

Talk to your colleagues

If you don't want to talk to your colleagues – or you're just not that close – it's completely fine to skip this step. If you are close with them, however, it can be helpful to explain what's going on, especially if you'll be taking time off.

Fertility issues are more common than most people realise, if you open up about what you're going through you might find people who have been through the same thing!

Make time for yourself

Dealing with fertility problems is time-consuming and you may start to feel like you're losing yourself. Make sure to take time for yourself.

Get support when you need it

If you feel you need more focused support, try speaking to a counsellor (your work might even have one) or joining a support group.

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