Let’s be honest, relationships can be hard work and external factors can really impact your relationships whether it’s your work, your family or your finances. When you’re trying to conceive this can impact your relationship with your partner and it can add additional stress. 

The uncertainty, the worry and the scheduled sex (sexy right?) associated with fertility issues can add stress to any relationship, no matter how healthy it is. Sadly, there’s no magic fix-all you can use to protect your relationship during this time, but here are some ways you can work through it together:

Communication Is Key

Be open and honest with your partner about how you’re feeling, if you need support or if you need space. No one is a mind reader (unfortunately), but talking can help remove any barriers and concerns you both may have. 

Talk to a Professional

Infertility can be a lonely experience because people don’t feel comfortable talking about it. Taboo, shame, stigma and embarrassment can all contribute to not wanting to open up. Talking to someone – either individually or together – can relieve some of the burden. You can find fertility counsellors here.

Make Room for Fun

Trying to conceive can get tiresome and weigh you down but reintroducing fun into your lives can be a huge help. Go on dates, take that holiday you were talking about and find time to reconnect as a couple.  

Reconnect in the Bedroom

Nothing’s as sexy as timed intercourse, said no one ever. Timed intercourse can take the pleasure out of sex. If you’re finding this is the case, it may be good to take a break from the schedule and have sex for fun instead. 

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