Contrary to popular belief, cycle syncing is not when you and your friends get your periods at the same time. In reality, cycle syncing is the practice of tailoring your exercise regime to your current phase of the menstrual cycle. Sounds complicated? We’ll explain how this could benefit you. 
You may have experienced that through different times of the month, you perform like Serena Williams and other times your performance entails getting off of the sofa for more chocolate. That’s normal. And mostly down to hormones. 
Understanding your menstrual cycle is key to cycle syncing. (we covered this bit in last week's email). Once you're familiar with each phase of your menstrual cycle, you can lean into the exercises that will be most beneficial to you during these times. 


Your progesterone and oestrogen levels are low, you may feel bloated and irritable. Be kind to yourself. Engage in more relaxing workouts like yoga, pilates or gentle strength workouts. This gentle approach can help nourish your body rather than push it even harder.

Follicular phase

Your energy levels may be rising again. Increase the weights and movement and start bringing some cardio into your workouts.


Ready to party! You may feel an increase in your libido but your energy levels are generally highest at this time of the month. This is when you could give it your all at aerobics, circuit training or even HIIT (should you feel so inclined).

Luteal phase

During this phase, your hormones are starting to take a hit (just like your muscles if you did CrossFit a few days prior) so it’s time to get back into the slow and restorative exercise like yoga and pilates again.

Tuning into your body and matching your exercise to your menstrual cycle can help you get the most out of your workouts but the results can vary and it’s important to take it in your own stride and listen to that wonderful body of yours.

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