Pregnancy tests measure the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels in your urine. Most pregnancy tests can be taken from the first day of your missed period, but some are very sensitive and can be used even before your expected period.  

There are a range of different pregnancy tests available. Here are the most common ones:

Digital pregnancy tests

Digital tests are often preferred as they are easy to use and understand. They may remove any risk of misinterpretation, but they can also come with a hefty price tag. Some include an indication of how far along you may be.

You can find the Clearblue digital test with pregnancy weeks indicator at Boots. 

Pregnancy stick tests

Pregnancy stick tests often have a control line and a test line. A positive pregnancy test is when both a control line and test line are visible. They can sometimes detect a pregnancy a few days before your expected period. 

First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests can be accurate a few days before you expect your period.   

Pregnancy test strips

Pregnancy test strips can be small and fiddly – but they come in handy multipacks which can be useful (and budget-friendly) when trying to conceive. There are some you can urinate directly on, but others require that you dip the test strip into urine so you may need to invest in some cups for collecting when you urinate.

Boots Pregnancy Test Strips have five tests in a pack. 

It doesn’t matter what pregnancy tests you use as long as you follow the instructions that accompany them.