Let's cut right to the chase. If you're an employer – regardless how big or small – here’s what you can do to support your employees. 

Provide fertility education

There’s a feeling of taboo and stigma around needing fertility treatment which often prevents people from sharing their experiences. Education is the key to solving this problem and can help your employees feel more in control and able to share their experiences with you.

Create an open and supportive culture

A recent survey found that 58% of people felt concerned that fertility treatments would negatively affect their career prospects. While your employees might not feel comfortable sharing all of the details of their treatment with you, it’s important that they feel like they can have an open dialogue with you to discuss this, without worrying it'll affect their career. 
By creating a supportive environment at work, you allow your employee to feel less pressure (also helping them to be more efficient at work).

Establish a fertility policy

Currently, there is no entitlement to time off when undergoing fertility treatments so employees often take annual leave or sick days to attend appointments. Establishing a fertility policy in your workplace can be beneficial to employees.
A fertility policy might include information on:
  • Taking time off to attend appointments
  • Flexible working options
  • Accessing mental health support

Provide mental health support

Providing your employees with access to a counsellor can promote better emotional well-being, combat feelings of isolation and create a safer work environment for everyone.

Provide fertility benefits

As fertility issues are becoming more widely recognised, fertility benefits are becoming a must. Whether it's part of your company's health insurance or through a fertility benefits company, providing fertility benefits can make you a highly sought-after place to work.
We know not every company is able to provide financial support for fertility treatments. If this isn't something you can provide at the moment, why not look into offering extra days off for appointments or flexible working around treatment days?

If you take nothing else from this email, take this:

Having fertility treatments is not the way most people want to build their families, but many don't have a choice. However, as an employer, you can choose to create an environment that supports your employees.

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