National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW) is almost over, but what have we learned this year?

NIAW is a movement founded in 1989 by RESOLVE, with the mission to empower people and change the conversation around infertility. Its purpose is to educate the public about reproductive health and reduce the stigma that comes with fertility problems by talking about them openly.

Monday #VoicesofInfertility

Everyone's experience of infertility is different, but all of our stories should be heard. Going forward, why not share your story? Whether it's online or with friends, sharing your experience is vital to changing society's attitude towards infertility.

Tuesday #UseYourVoice

Whether you ask for fertility coverage from your work or petition MPs to create better access to fertility care for everyone – we can all use our voices to change things for the better.

Wednesday #WearOrange

The #WearOrange Campaign was created by RESOLVE to help raise awareness about infertility. The colour orange promotes a sense of wellness, compassion and warmth. Research into colour psychology has also found that orange is the colour of encouragement and self-confidence and can inspire courage, enthusiasm and vitality.

Thursday #VoicesofSupport

Where do you find support? Is it friends, family, colleagues or a therapist? Wherever it comes from, having the right support is hugely important when you're dealing with infertility. If you're struggling, why not speak to a fertility counsellor?

Friday #FindYourVoice

Has this year's National Infertility Awareness Week helped you find your voice? Do you feel more comfortable talking about infertility than you did a week ago? Talking is a powerful thing. As we leave NIAW behind, let's all try to keep talking about infertility and continue to share our stories.

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