When planning to use the Béa Applicator, it can be useful to consider the timing of ovulation and abstinence for the semen sample. 

Communication is key

If your partner ovulates regularly it can be good to know approximately when in the month they are likely to ovulate, so that you can be prepared to provide the semen sample. When they start testing for ovulation, it might be a good time to think about the frequency of your ejaculation.

Abstinence for the semen sample

You should refrain from sexual activity (including intercourse and masturbation) for 2–7 days before producing a sample for the Béa Applicator. This is based on recommendations from the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, which show that abstinence for a shorter or longer period than 2–7 days can result in lower semen quality. This will ensure the best possible semen sample on the day of using the Béa Applicator.