We know you’ll be excited, and maybe nervous, on the day of using the Béa Applicator. It’s natural to want additional information around feelings, timings and logistics during the insemination days to help you feel supported. Here are the common questions we’ve been asked about using the Béa Applicator on the day of treatment: 

How long after a positive ovulation test can we wait before insemination?

You should plan to use the device on the same day as a positive ovulation test.

Can we have sex before using the device?

Yes, you can have sex before using the device. Feeling aroused can help the vagina produce more fluid, which adds to lubrication – however, be mindful not to ejaculate in the vagina. The semen sample should be produced into the semen collection pot that comes with your kit. 

What will it feel like?

The Applicator is larger than a tampon and is made out of firmer material. Feeling sexually aroused or using lube can help with a smooth insertion of the Applicator. You might feel the cap unfold against the cervix as you twist the handle of the Béa Applicator, which may be an unfamiliar sensation. As the cervical cap sits high up in the vagina, you can feel the sensation in a different location compared to using a tampon or a menstrual cup. After the cervical cap is in place you will most likely not feel it at all but you might feel the removal string outside the vagina or against your labia, just like a tampon string.  

Will the cervical cap fall out? 

No, the vagina is a strong muscle! The cervical cap will stay in place, holding the semen near the cervix and you will most likely not feel it once the Applicator is removed. This means you can go about your day as normal (even go to the toilet) until it's time to take the cervical cap out. 

Should I rest while the cervical cap is in place?

There’s no need to rest (or to keep your legs elevated!) after using the Applicator and inserting the cervical cap.

Can I go swimming after inserting the cervical cap?

No, you should not go swimming or take a bath while the cervical cap is in place.

Can I have intercourse after inserting the cervical cap?

No, you should not have intercourse or insert any sexual toys into the vagina while the cervical cap is in place. 

When should we use second device?

The second insemination should be performed 18–36 hours after the first insemination, or at a convenient time the next day.