Béa FAQs


Where is Béa available?

The Béa Treatment Kit is currently available in England, Wales and Scotland.

What's included in a Béa Treatment Kit?

Each kit delivers everything you need for one round of at-home insemination, to be used during your fertile window.

Inside your kit, you'll find a helpful booklet which will guide you through the four phases of the treatment, plus information on what to do after your first treatment cycle.

Every Béa customer can also access regular group coaching calls, support via email 7-days-a-week and lifetime access to our fertility library.

How much is the Béa Treatment?

The Béa Treatment is sold in single or 3-cycle bundles. One single cycle of treatment is £249, whilst 3-cycles cost £599. The price includes next-working-day delivery.

Orders, Shipping & Deliveries

My kit hasn't arrived, what should I do?

If your kit hasn't arrived, please contact the team directly at support@beafertility.com and we can help you.

There are missing or damaged items in my delivery - what should I do?

If anything is missing or damaged from your delivery, please contact the team directly at support@beafertility.com and we can help you.

Does Béa deliver next day?

Yes! Orders placed before 1pm are sent same working day via DHL Next Day Delivery. Orders placed after 1pm will be dispatched next working day using the same DHL service

Free delivery is included in The Béa Treatment kit price.

How do I make a return?

Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns in which any part of the packaging has been opened. However, if you do change your mind within 14 days of receiving your kit and it has not been opened, no problem, just email support@beafertility.com and we will organise this for you.

Deciding on The Béa Treatment

I have a fertility condition - is Béa suitable for me?

If you have a known fertility treatment and are trying to conceive, The Béa Treatment may be suitable for you. To provide more detail, our Lead Fertility Coach, Sandy, has written extensive guides for the following fertility conditions:

Endometriosis, Male Factor Infertility, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Unexplained Infertility, Low Ovarian Reserve, Hypothyroidism

Alternatively, take our free assessment to find out if The Béa Treatment is suitable for you.

I have irregular periods - is Béa suitable for me?

If you know that you’re ovulating, then the Béa Treatment could be a good treatment option. Read our guide on Irregular periods and The Béa Treatment for more information.

When would the Béa Treatment Kit be unsuitable for use?

There are some cases where the Béa Treatment may not be suitable. Read our guide on contraindications for more information.

Can I order semen from Béa Fertility?

There are a few different routes you can take when using donor sperm, from known donors to sperm banks. Béa Fertility does not sell or provide donor sperm for treatment, but the Béa Treatment Kit can be used with donor sperm! Read our article 'Navigating your treatment with donor sperm' for more information.

Will I get pregnant using the Béa Applicator?

Most people want to know how long it will take them to become pregnant. Although we know how long it takes on average for a person or couple, it is impossible to tell how long it will take you to become pregnant, because everyone is unique.

In general, when trying to conceive, multiple attempts can be the key to success. The same goes for intracervical insemination (ICI) – the longer you try, the higher the chance of success! Our recommendation is to use our kit for three cycles for the best chances of getting pregnant.

Read our guide on Intracervical insemination for more information.

Will my GP know about this treatment?

The Béa Treatment Kit is new on the market – it’s possible your GP hasn’t heard of it yet.

The Béa Treatment Kit launched in the spring of 2023. It’s an at-home fertility treatment that previously hasn’t been accessible or available to purchase online. Your GP may not know of us or the Béa Treatment Kit. If you wish to share details about your experience using the Béa Treatment Kit with your GP – that’s completely up to you.

How is the Béa Applicator better than a syringe?

A straw or syringe method deposits or injects semen into the vagina, so the sperm are near the cervix, essentially mimicking intercourse.

The Béa Applicator places our custom cervical cap against the cervix, holding the semen in place for up to one hour. This will minimise the contact of semen in the vagina (where the pH can reduce sperm quality), reduce semen backflow and increase the exposure time to the cervical mucus. By using a cervical cap, the concentration of sperm in the cervical mucus can be 3.23 times higher compared with sexual intercourse. Pregnancy rates with a cervical cap can be nearly 3 times higher compared to straw or syringe insemination.

Will it hurt when using the Béa Applicator?

The Béa Applicator is designed to suit most bodies and therefore, shouldn't hurt when using it.
Here's what to expect when inserting the Béa Applicator, and wearing and removing the cervical cap:

Using the Béa Applicator
The rounded edges of the Béa Applicator enable easy insertion of the device. You shouldn’t experience any pain when inserting the Béa Applicator or deploying the cervical cap.

Wearing the cervical cap
Wearing the cervical cap may feel similar to wearing a menstrual cup or using a tampon. You can go about your day as normal until it’s time to take it out, but there are certain activities you should avoid.

Removing the cervical cap
Removing the cervical cap shouldn’t hurt, but it might be uncomfortable if your vagina is dry.

If severe pain or irritation is experienced during or after use, remove the cervical cap and seek medical attention. You can also drop us an email at support@beafertility.com

How do I use the cervical cap?

The cervical cap is made from soft, medical-grade silicone. It has a string attached to it for easy removal after use.

Once you’ve poured the semen through the funnel and removed the funnel from the Béa Applicator, you’ll be able to see the top of the cap. Don’t attempt to touch it or remove it – the Béa Applicator is designed to insert it for you.

During The Béa Treatment

I'm ready to use my treatment - now what?

We know you’ll be excited, and maybe nervous, on the day of using the Béa Applicator. It’s natural to want additional information around feelings, timings and logistics during the insemination days to help you feel supported. Our Lead Fertility Coach, Sandy, has compiled some of her most common questions about using the Béa Applicator on the day of treatment. If you don't find your answers here, you can always reach out to the team at support@beafertility.com

If you need help with ovulation tracking and testing, head to our ovulation guide to find out more about our suggestions and best practices.

When should I perform the second insemination?

Generally, home insemination is performed once during a menstrual cycle. There are a number of factors that influence this: cost of treatment, access to sperm and scheduling reasons. In some cases, and if you’re able, it can be beneficial to perform the insemination 2 days in a row around ovulation – what we call a double insemination.

A double insemination increases the amount of available sperm for fertilisation by increasing the frequency of insemination. For best results, the first insemination should be performed once you have a positive ovulation test result. We suggest using the second Béa Applicator 18–36 hours later, or at a convenient time the next day.

If you aren’t able to perform the second insemination on the next day, you should save the second Béa Applicator for the following cycle, as you might miss the window where an egg can be fertilised.

Can I use lube with the Béa Applicator?

It is safe to use lube with the Béa Applicator and it can make the process more comfortable. Rather than apply lube on the Applicator, you may want to use your fingers and apply it directly onto and around your genitals for smoother insertion.

However, you should be careful to ensure that the lube is sperm-friendly for the best chances of getting pregnant. It’s important to note that “non-spermicidal” is not the same as “fertility-friendly”. Some lubricants may have ingredients or have a pH that could be harmful to sperm. Ideally, you would want a lube that is pH balanced, that doesn’t contain glycerol and that isn’t scented. Here are a few sperm-friendly lubricants:

Conceive plus: Conceive plus is pH balanced to mimic the cervical mucus. Added calcium and magnesium support sperm viability.
Pre-seed: Pre-seed is designed to match the pH and consistency of fertile cervical mucus. It is glycerin- and scent-free.
BabyDance: BabyDance fertility lubricant is the only lubricant that doesn’t contain parabens. Clinical trials have shown it does not interfere with sperm parameters, cervical mucus penetration or embryo development.

Why is there still liquid in the cervical cap after I’ve used it?

You may want to remove the cervical cap while sitting on the toilet as there will likely be liquid left – this is completely normal!

Semen is the thick cloudy, white fluid that comes from a man’s penis when they ejaculate. It contains seminal fluid and fluid from the prostate gland which carries sperm cells out of a man’s body. When using the Béa Applicator, semen is poured into the cervical cap via the funnel. Once the Béa cervical cap is in place against the cervix, the sperm will be able to swim into the cervical mucus. The remaining liquid in the cap is a mix of semen, cervical mucus, and possibly other vaginal fluids from arousal.

Can I use The Béa Applicator more than once?

For your safety, the Béa Applicators are single-use medical devices and cannot be reused. It would be very difficult to sterilise the Béa Applicator properly, and it currently isn't possible to reload a new cap into the applicator, so it wouldn't be effective. We are very conscious of our environmental impact and want to ensure our kits are as sustainable as possible. Rest assured, we are looking into options for making the Béa Applicator reusable in the future, but given that it is a single-use, regulated medical device, this will likely take us a while to achieve.

I've had a reaction to the Béa Treatment - rash, bleeding, irritation and/or pain

We are sorry to hear your experience did not go as smoothly as hoped. If you have had an adverse to The Béa Treatment, please contact the team directly at support@beafertility.com and we can help you.