We’re on a mission to shake up the fertility industry

At Béa, we’re bridging the gap between intercourse and IVF, creating affordable, accessible and safe fertility care that puts the control back into your hands.

It’s time for change

When we're struggling to conceive, most of the time we're told to go home and try intercourse for a year. Then, suddenly we're told we need IVF. This creates an enormous gap in the fertility care pathway between intercourse and IVF. It's jarring, it's stressful, and it doesn't need to be this way.

At Béa, we're driving change by going back to basics. We're creating simple, accessible fertility treatments that are evidence-based, rewriting the fertility treatment pathway to include early-stage treatment.

We launched Béa in July 2023, but getting there took some work...


Béa Fertility is founded as a startup born of a shared vision for a world in which every family, whatever they look like, can access the care they need to grow. Family is a human right, and the sector as it is structured today does not honour that.


We made our first hire! And the team continued to grow with incredible members. We designed our first prototypes, got 3D prints back, spoke to hundreds of people about their fertility journeys and held our first Béa party (for our team).


The Béa Treatment was officially launched to the public, and we heard about pregnancies for the first time. Our early users entered into a research study so that we could publish the effectiveness of the Béa Treatment for you. 


We launched new kits with a sleeker new design, started free fertility coaching sessions, published the results of our efficacy study, and we’re just getting started. We’ve even celebrated the birth of our first ever Béabies (hello Isabella and Freya 🥰).

Meet our Founder & CEO, Tess

“I am wildly passionate about developing fairer fertility care, and creating more treatment options so that more families have a chance at getting started and growing. It just didn't seem right to me that our fertility treatment options only started in a fertility clinic, so I set out to change that by creating Béa. I'm so unbelievably proud of what we've built, and so excited for the families that we've helped along the way. Nothing makes me smile more than hearing about a Béaby.

Wherever you are in your journey, we're committed to building Béa transparently, being by your side and supporting you however we can."

We've been committed to transparency since launching the Béa Treatment in July 2023. Our first users entered into a Research Study so that we could publish the effectiveness of the Béa Treatment for you.

Backed by research, designed by embryologists, talked about by everyone


We’ve created a simpler option, giving people back control and creating a better path to parenthood

Results & Reviews

Helping families grow

“I felt really pushed into IVF, but to be honest, I knew I didn’t want to do it. I liked the idea of doing [Béa] from home, where we’re most chilled."
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— Sarah*, 39

"We got pregnant the first time using the kit! If anyone has been TTC I would highly recommend Béa, they really care about your journey and I really felt supported by them. I'm grateful I came across Béa Fertility, and I am so happy that we can finally make our family complete."

— Female, 36, TTC 1-2 Years

"I wish we had found Béa earlier! We have been on our journey for quite some time but now it somewhat feels much less stressful :-). The team is extremely supportive ... and encouraging too! I wish all private clinics were behaving just like them!"

— Verified google review, Tereza

"We found the Béa applicator so easy and simple to use. We’re now 27 weeks pregnant with our little man and super excited for our future. To all those wondering if it’s worth trying, 100% worth it!"

— Ruth, 37

Three simple steps to get started

Putting the control back in your hands

1. Take our assessment

Our 2-min fertility assessment will tell you whether the Béa ICI Treatment is suitable for you.

2. Choose your treatment length

Invest in three-cycles to get the best price, or take it slow with a single-cycle treatment for £249.

3. Join a coaching session

Join one of our online sessions where you can ask our fertility experts, anything.

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