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Preparing semen for the Béa Applicator

When semen is ejaculated into the collection pot, it is often sticky and thick. It should be left at room temperature for 30 minutes in order to liquefy. This is important so that the sample can be poured through the funnel of the Béa Applicator.


Here are some common questions we’ve been asked about preparing semen for the Béa Applicator: 

Q: How long ahead of time can I produce the semen sample?
A: You should wait for 30 minutes to let the semen sample liquefy at room temperature – this makes it easier to pour it into the Applicator. Sperm generally has a good survival rate in semen for 2 hours once in the collection pot but try not to exceed 4 hours between the time of ejaculation and using it in the Béa Applicator.


Q: The semen sample is small – is that OK?
A: The cervical cap delivers more sperm to the cervix compared to intercourse – as long as the majority of the sample goes through the funnel then it’s OK if the sample is small!


Q: The whole sample didn’t make it into the funnel – does that matter?
A: The cervical cap inside the Béa Applicator will be able to hold most semen sample volumes, however, for larger volumes, the whole sample might not fit. As the cap delivers more sperm to the cervix compared to intercourse – it’s OK if the whole sample doesn’t make it in!