The Four Phases of the Béa Treatment

Welcome to the Béa Treatment Guide. Here we'll walk you through using your Béa Treatment Kit throughout a menstrual cycle from ovulation testing to the two-week-wait. Included here, and in the booklet in your kit, is a handy calendar to help you plan, tips on ovulation testing, and a section on getting the best sperm sample.

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Planning your Béa Treatment cycle

Preparation and planning are key when it comes to using your Béa Treatment Kit.

Following our four phases in this guide will help maximise your chances of pregnancy. Here, you’ll find an overview of those phases.

Phase 1: Ovulation Testing

Getting the timing right

Phase 2: Abstinence Period

Timing ejaculation for the best possible semen sample

Phase 3: Ovulation Window

Using your Béa Applicator

Phase 4: After Using Béa

The Two-Week Wait and testing for pregnancy

Phase 1: Ovulation Testing

It can be hard to determine when ovulation happens, so tracking is important to do everyday before you use the Báa Treatment kit.

Discover our guide to ovulation tracking below, covering everything from which tests are best to use, to how they work and when is best to start.

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Phase 2: Abstinence Period & Sperm Health

You’ve started tracking your ovulation, now what? It’s time to think about ejaculation frequency and matching your ovulation testing together with abstinence.

Read our guide below to find out more about how to optimise sperm health, ready to use The Béa Treatment.

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Phase 3: The Ovulation Window & Using The Béa Kit

The day has arrived! You can use your first Béa Applicator once you have a positive ovulation test.

Read our guide below that covers everything you need to know about using The Béa Applicator.

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Phase 4: After Using Béa - The Two Week Wait & Pregnancy Testing

The hardest part of the treatment cycle comes after using the Béa Applicators: The Two-Week Wait - the time period between insemination and when you can test for pregnancy.

Read our guide below to find out everything there is to know about pregnancy testing.

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