3 Reasons to try the Béa Treatment

We know trying a new fertility treatment can be daunting. Here's why you might want to think about giving Béa a try.

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1. 1 in 6 people face fertility challenges

Infertility is actually incredibly common, and struggling to conceive in the first few months of trying is even more common. It's taking us longer than ever before to get pregnant, costing us time we don't feel we have.

If you wan't to speed things up but don't feel ready for IVF, then Béa is for you. Could Béa help you get pregnant? Take our 2-min assessment to find out.

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2. Béa is a softer landing than clinical treatment

No one wants to go straight to IVF unless they've tried everything they can... the trouble is, there isn't really a 'primary care' fertility treatment that we can do first. This is why we developed Béa – it's a modern take on an old clinical treatment. It's a first-line fertility treatment: a first step before IUI or IVF.

No more timed intercourse, no clinic appointments, no waiting. No needles, no hormones and no stress. Plus, no hidden costs.

The Béa Treatment is designed to be used at home, with free fertility coaching sessions, meaning you don't need to go through this feeling alone.

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3. The Béa Treatment is equally as effective as IUI.

Our first cohort of users in late 2023 reported a 39.28% pregnancy rate over 3 Béa Treatment cycles.
Our first Béa Babies have started arriving!

We will keep running research studies and commit to always publishing our efficacy data as soon as we update it.

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Affordable, accessible, recognised by NHS

A modern take on old tech, Béa delivers an ICI treatment that meets you where you’re most comfortable, at home.

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What actually is ICI?

The original form of artificial insemination used as early as the 1920's… you could say it's been tried and tested.

Intracervical Insemination (ICI) is a fertility treatment that concentrates semen at the opening of the cervix using a cervical cap (which looks like a menstrual cup). ICI improves the chance of conceiving by encouraging more sperm to travel towards the egg for fertilisation.

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Helping families grow

“I felt really pushed into IVF, but to be honest, I knew I didn’t want to do it. I liked the idea of doing [Béa] from home, where we’re most chilled."
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— Sarah*, 39

"We got pregnant the first time using the kit! If anyone has been TTC I would highly recommend Béa, they really care about your journey and I really felt supported by them. I'm grateful I came across Béa Fertility, and I am so happy that we can finally make our family complete."

— Female, 36, TTC 1-2 Years

"I wish we had found Béa earlier! We have been on our journey for quite some time but now it somewhat feels much less stressful :-). The team is extremely supportive ... and encouraging too! I wish all private clinics were behaving just like them!"

— Verified google review, Tereza

"We found the Béa applicator so easy and simple to use. We’re now 27 weeks pregnant with our little man and super excited for our future. To all those wondering if it’s worth trying, 100% worth it!"

— Ruth, 34

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