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Forget about old school turkey basters and syringes, It's time for an at-home insemination kit that actually works.

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How does the Béa kit actually work?

Finally. An at-home insemination kit based on peer reviewed research, developed through 3 years of R&D, to perform ICI, a highly effective, well-established fertility treatment with up to 50% efficacy over 6 cycles.

Image of a container of semen being poured into an orange funnel and down the applicator
Step 1

Pour semen into applicator through the orange funnel

Image of the orange funnel being removed from the applicator
Step 2

Remove the orange funnel, this is no longer needed

A pair of hands are inserting the applicator towards the cervix (cervix now shown but insinuated)
3 Step

Insert the applicator to place the cervical cap (and sperm) onto the cervix, then withdraw the applicator, leaving the cap in place.

Step 4

Leave in place for 1 hour, then pull out with the handy string

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Here's what our customers have to say


All of the Béa team have been incredibly supportive and communication with them has been a breeze.

41 years old

This journey has been an emotional one for me, and everyone I've interacted with at Béa has shown genuine empathy, sensitivity, and promptness in answering my questions.

34 years old

Despite dealing with a serious topic, they have a remarkable ability to lighten the mood.

32 years old

Benefits of using Béa, our evidence-based, clinically-developed artificial insemination kit at home.

No waitlists, get started today.

No more waiting for GP appointments, referrals or treatments - get instant access to fertility treatment!

Hormone-free Fertility care

Not ready for IVF and all or the syringes? The Béa Treatment does not require any hormone medication.

Works for PCOS & other conditions

Diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, male factor infertility or maybe the frustrating unexplained infertility? The Béa insemination kit is for you.

Clinical support, 7 days a week

Your Béa Treatment Program is supported 7 days a week, giving you on-demand, clinician-backed support whenever you need it.

Let's compare...

The Béa treatment kit Syringe insemination Turkey baster Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
Clinical Grade Home Insemination Kit
NHS Approved
Designed to be used at-home
Supported by Doctors and Fertility experts
Proven to be effective (peer-reviewed efficacy data from clinical trials)
Designed to be inclusive for LGBTQIA+ families

How does it work?

A simple process, that can be performed where you feel more comfortable, your home!

Up to 50% efficacy over 6 treatment cycles. Take our free assessment to see if we can help


Will I get pregnant using the Béa Applicator?

In general, when trying to get pregnant, multiple treatment cycles is the the key to success. The same goes for intracervical insemination (ICI) – the more cycles you try, the higher the chance of success! The Béa Treatment Kit allows you to perform self insemination at home instead, and the NICE Guideline suggests that ICI has a success rate of up to 50% over 6 treatment cycles.

Is the Béa Applicator easy to use?

Yes! One of the things we hear most from our users is how easy their insemination kit has been to use. The Béa Applicator makes it very easy to perform diy insemination at home, and is specially designed to help you place semen straight onto the cervix.

How do I use the Béa Treatment kit?

The Bea treatment kit is an easy to use and affordable self insemination kit. The kit includes instructions for use, two semen collection pots and two Béa Applicators that help get the cervical cap in place. Here's a breakdown of using the kit at home:

  • Track ovulation
  • Use the applicator when you have a positive ovulation test
  • Use the second applicator on the following day
  • Test for pregnancy

What will using the Béa Applicator feel like?

Our users tell us it's simple, easy and pain-free. Our product testers says it feels a little bit like a large tampon applicator. The Béa Applicator is larger than a tampon, but a lot smaller than a speculum. It's made out of smooth plastic with rounded edges, and is designed to slide into the vaginal canal easily. You might feel the cap unfold against the cervix as you twist the handle of the Béa Applicator, which may be an unfamiliar sensation. As the cervical cap sits high up in the vagina, you can feel the sensation in a different location compared to using a tampon or a menstrual cup. After the cervical cap is in place you will most likely not feel it at all but you might feel the removal string outside the vagina or against your labia, just like a tampon string.

How long does the cervical cap stay inside?

You can leave the cervical cap in place for up to one hour. When the cervical cap is in place, you should go about your day as normal until it’s time to take it out. You can even go to the toilet while it's in place - the vagina is a strong muscle - and the cap won't fall out.

Why is the Béa Treatment more expensive than a syringe?

The Béa Applicator, Insemination Kit and Treatment Program has been developed by experts and clinicians, with over 3 years of research and development going into designing the optimum insemination kit for intracervical insemination at home. Each treatment kit contains 2x Béa Applicators and semen containers, for a clinical technique called double insemination, and the entire Béa Treatment Program is supported by embryologists and doctors, available to you on email 7 days a week. All of this costs more to build and deliver than a syringe. But... our mission at Béa is making fertility care affordable, which is why you can buy 6 cycles of the Béa Treatment Kit for less than the cost of 1 cycle of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), an invasive clinical treatment with fairly similar efficacy.