How does the Béa Treatment Programme work?

A groundbreaking approach to fertility, combining a clinical-grade fertility treatment called Intracervical Insemination (ICI) alongside embryologist-led support, to guide you through at-home insemination

Béa in more detail

Béa comes in two parts, the fertility assessment, and the at-home treatment


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Clinical-grade Treatment Kits

A key part of our treatment is of course our clinical-grade ICI Treatment Kit, which allows you to perform insemination from where you feel more comfortable, at home.

Discreetly delivered, with everything you need for two rounds of at-home insemination, per menstrual cycle.

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You can complete our Treatment Programme without much interaction with us, but we're there for when you need extra support.

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Your treatment support

Our Béa care team are on hand to guide you, from the moment you start your treatment programme

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The kit

What comes in each Béa Treatment kit?

The ICI Treatment kit

Discreet, and free next day delivery

2 x Semen pots

Collect either your own, or partners semen

2 x Applicators

To be used over 2 consecutive days around your cycle

Detailed guide & instructions

All the information you need to use the kit at-home

Insemination from the comfort of your home

Using the Béa kit in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Semen collection

Collect a semen sample into the container provided, and pour the semen into the Béa Applicator through the orange funnel. Semen will flow down into the Béa Cervical Cap, which is located inside the Béa Applicator. Remove the funnel.

Step 2: Insertion

Lie in a comfortable position and gently insert the Béa Applicator into the vagina. Once inserted, turn the handle to release the Béa Cervical Cap onto the cervix. Withdraw the applicator from the vagina.

Step 3: Cap position

The Béa Cervical Cap is now in place! Leave the cap in place for up to one hour. The Béa Cervical Cap works a little like a menstrual cup, so you shouldn't feel anything, and can go about your day as normal.

Step 4: Remove cap

After one hour, remove the Béa Cervical Cap using the removal string hanging outside the body (like a tampon). That's it. ICI done! Go about your day knowing you've given yourself the best chance of conceiving.

How does the applicator feel?

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