ICI is back, and better than ever…

The original form of artificial insemination used as early as the 1920's… you could say it's been tried and tested.

What is ICI?

Intracervical Insemination (ICI) is a fertility treatment that concentrates semen at the opening of the cervix using a cervical cap (which looks like a menstrual cup). ICI improves the chance of conceiving by encouraging more sperm to travel towards the egg for fertilisation.

ICI was around for many years before IUI and IVF were developed, and there is a lot of clinical data showing the effectiveness of ICI as a fertility treatment. Evidence shows ICI to be up to 50% effective over 6 treatment cycles.Recognised by the NHS, and certified by UKCA. Research & data through NICE guidelines here

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Does ICI work?

Peer reviewed research at our core. Developed through 3 years of research & design, designed specifically to increase your chances of conceiving at home by up to 50%

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Cochrane Review NICE Guidelines Data

The Béa Applicator and Cap

Our applicator reaches right up to the cervix, much further than a syringe or hand can. It then deploys the cap containing the semen, holding it directly against the cervix - minimising semen back flow and maximising YOUR chances. It’s that simple.

Standard syringes

Standard syringes can only deliver sperm so far, with most being lost through semen back flow. The sperm is also at risk of the PH balance inside a vagina greatly reducing the amount that can stay alive, and reach the cervix.

We're bringing old school back

modern  take on old tech, Béa delivers an ICI treatment that meets you where you're most comfortable. At home.

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How to use the Béa ICI treatment in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Semen collection

Collect a semen sample into the container provided, and pour the semen into the Béa Applicator through the orange funnel. Semen will flow down into the Béa Cervical Cap, which is located inside the Béa Applicator. Remove the funnel.

Step 2: Insertion

Lie in a comfortable position and gently insert the Béa Applicator into the vagina. Once inserted, turn the handle to release the Béa Cervical Cap onto the cervix. Withdraw the applicator from the vagina.

Step 3: Cap position

The Béa Cervical Cap is now in place! Leave the cap in place for up to one hour. The Béa Cervical Cap works a little like a menstrual cup, so you shouldn't feel anything, and can go about your day as normal.

Step 4: Remove cap

After one hour, remove the Béa Cervical Cap using the removal string hanging outside the body (like a tampon). That's it. ICI done! Go about your day knowing you've given yourself the best chance of conceiving.

Comparing the Béa Programme with other treatments...

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What if ICI is not right for you?

The Béa Applicator is a Medical Device intended to be used for performing Intracervical (ICI) Insemination at home. There are a few situations in which you should not use the Béa Applicator, such as vaginal prolapse, hysterectomy, loss of both fallopian tubes, and other conditions. Explore our guides on different conditions, written by our team of fertility experts.

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