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Béa can help, even if…

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Male factor infertility? We understand the complexity

Increasing the chance of sperm meeting the egg

Of millions of ejaculated sperm, only about 200 reach the fallopian tubes where the egg is released from the ovary. The Béa Applicator along with the cervical cap, boost sperm proximity to the cervix, helping it get where it needs to go.

We won't make you wait

Have you been told to “keep trying another year”? Not with us. Instant access to fertility treatment without being on a waitlist.

Let's make sex fun again

You still need to ejaculate into a cup - but our cervical cap does the work of getting sperm to the cervix (so you can get back to enjoying being intimate!)

We put you back in control, shipping out your Treatment Kit once per menstrual cycle. Your Kit comes with everything you need to perform ICI from the comfort of your home.

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Sex is no longer fun, and starting to take it's toll on your relationship…

Let us take the pressure off!

The Béa Treatment can be used independently, with sperm lasting for up to 1 hour in the semen cup, goodbye timed sex, hello freedom again!

We are discreet

Treatment delivered straight to your door, there is no need for awkward, time consuming clinic visits.

Support on your terms

We know that it can be hard to talk about as a couple, we deliver accurate information to give you both confidence in your next steps.

Start your treatment today

You've already been on the IVF journey… we get it, it's tough

More budget friendly

IVF is expensive. Not with us, access clinical-grade fertility treatment at 1/10th of the cost of IVF.


Your body has been through enough, let us show you a pain-free and more gentle way, that better aligns with you.

Our experts and GP's are here to help

Get the support you need from people who know what you've been through, both mind and body.

Unexplained infertility? Not with us! We can debunk the myths

Clinical-grade treatment, without the clinic

With unexplained infertility it's hard to know what you're “fixing” if there's no clear cause of fertility problems. Sometimes you might just need a little extra help (in the form of a cervical cap!).

A support system you can trust

Unexplained infertility raises more questions than answers, but we're here to help. Has your GP checked everything that could be impacting your fertility? Use our helpful symptoms checklist to ensure they've explored everything they can.

Help and guidance, without the myths and waffle

We have experts on hand, contact one of the care team via email or web chat to get your questions answered, 7 days a week.

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